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I am Fabienne, based in Stockholm. Fashion Designer for many years in France, I have, now, my own consulting company and I’m splitting my time, between Sweden and France.

I recently have launched my first capsule collection. Today,  I would like to tell you my story about my clothing brand. Its name is ma meilleure amie created some years ago, for my best friends.

My whole experience is to think and create for every woman in particular curvy women, with sustainable and comfortable fabrics.

It’s with pleasure and with passion that I launch, here in Sweden, my first capsule collection, created for you with this little "je ne sais quoi" the kind of French Touch...

Member of the Lyon Designer community
, France.
- Le Village des Créateurs - 

Design, fabrics, production are exclusively made in France where I have suppliers, factories, partners, in Lyon & Roanne, my cities, dear to my personal values and my professional career.

I also created timeless basic organic t-shirts with typical French citations, that would fit anyone: women, men, young teens, why not. All my collection fits in size from 38 to 50 and more.

Slow fashion is becoming an essential part of our values and beliefs. Therefore, adopting slow movement manufacturing in terms of people, environment and animals, produce local and sustainable is the solution. Fabienne Troncy Consulting has chosen to help consume better by reducing waste and carbon footprint.


ma meilleure amie puts this concept at the heart of all design and slow production processes , this means all your pre-orders are made to request and produced within a delay of around 4 weeks or in limited editions in size from 38 to 50. In this case, we guarantee high quality and durability over time.....Integrate ma meilleure amie in all wardbrodes all seasons, that's sustainable fashion and our also our goal.

Take the time to look at every piece: it was conceived, designed and produced with you in mind.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any query using the contact tab.

Take Care.

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